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Dental Financing | Insurance | Payment Options in Los Angeles

Dental Insurance, Financing & Payment Plans

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Expert dental care can be expensive. There is usually no way around it. We often treat patients who have experienced the dangers of poor dentistry, and our goal is to help patients get the care they need.

Does Dr. Maddahi take Dental Insurance?

The answer to this question is "yes" and "no." Dr. Maddahi is not registered as a provider with any insurance companies, but he does qualify as an out-of-network provider. This means that you will have to pay for any services you receive at our office out of pocket, but that we file claims to have your insurance comapny reimburse you for the expenses. The amount that you get reimbursed will depend upon the services that your insurance company covers, and we can check your benefits to give you an idea of how much you can expect to get back.

We are always happy to help you maximize the benefits you can receive from your insurance Depending on the type of insurance plan you have, some types of treatment may be covered and others may not. You always have the right to choose the treatment you receive and Dr. Maddahi will explain your options.

If you have dental insurance, we encourage you to contact our office to find out how we can best help you take care of your dental needs.

Dental Financing & Payment Plans

If you would prefer to establish a payment plan to pay for your dental treatment, our office works directly with a number of credit providers, including CareCredit and Springstone Financial. With a convenient line of credit available, a beautiful Smile Transformation is easier than ever.

In most cases it takes just a few minutes to apply. If you prefer, you can even call the office before you arrive for your appointment and set up your line of credit. It is also easy to submit an application after you are given your treatment plan from Dr. Maddahi.

As soon as the credit is approved you can begin your treatment. In most cases you may use it for on-going and additional treatment, and to pay for any member of your family.

You will be offered choices of payment plans, and you can usually set up low monthly payments. These different lines of credit offer several convenient payment options, so you can get the dental work that you want, when you need it most.

With all of the credit lines established by the office of Dr. Maddahi there are never any pre-payment penalties. If you are able to pay off the loan early - you may, if and when you would like.