Anti-Aging Dentistry™

Dr. Maddahi's customized, expert dental work can take years off of your smile and boost confidence

When you come to Dr Maddahi for Anti-Aging Dentistry™, you've come to the right place for a beautiful, youthful smile.

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  • We practice pain-free dentistry. We want you to be comfortable.
  • While you may have to put up with dental problems for a while, fixing them does not take a long time. In fact, many times we can complete your entire smile make-over in just one visit!
  • Are you afraid to smile? You are not alone – almost 50% of the people around you also feel embarrassed by their teeth.
  • We pride ourselves on making not just a smile, but an aesthetically pleasing smile; the one that transforms your appearance and is the exact right smile for you.
  • With dental implants you can fully restore your mouth to it's functions: eating anything, smiling and feeling confident in your appearance.
  • Missing teeth make it impossible to eat many foods.

What is Anti-Aging Dentistry™?

Beverly Hills dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has pioneered a unique approach in Anti-Aging Dentistry™ which can take years off your appearance without surgery. Many people do not realize the impact a stained, yellow or narrow smile, broken or worn down teeth can have on their appearance. Anti-Aging Dentistry™ provides dramatic results that can be obtained through teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and crowns, and dental implants to replace cracked, crooked and worn down teeth. These methods and more are utilized by Dr Maddahi to give his happy patients the youth-restoring benefits of Anti-Aging Dentistry™.

Anti-Aging Dentistry™: Turn Back the Clock and Smile!

With a full suite of state of the art technology at his disposal, Dr. Maddahi can do more than simply whiten and brighten your smile: he can add fullness to your face, reduce wrinkles, and balance and plump your lips, all without injectables or surgery.

Award-winning Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Kourosh Maddahi is one of Beverly Hills' premier anti-aging doctors, using the latest cutting-edge technology to provide exceptional anti-aging dental work that is precise and painless. Particularly when considering advanced dental procedures such as implants or veneers, you need to know that you’re in good hands. Dr. Maddahi uses only the most superior materials and equipment; his master dental ceramist painstakingly crafts each veneer, implant and crown to perfectly match the exact size and color that will look completely natural for your smile.

Keys to an Anti-Aging Makeover: Color, Size & Shape

Almost everyone has individual teeth that are imperfect, but what people see is the smile when viewed as a whole. Teeth that are yellow or brown, worn down or crooked pull attention to your teeth and can instantly add 5 - 10 years to your appearance. The lips and mouth are fully supported by the teeth and jaw underneath, and as a person ages, this foundation becomes even more important. We have had many patients say that people often mistake them for being much older than they really are due to chipped, broken-down teeth, or lack of fullness of the smile.

When we asked Dr. Maddahi what makes a great smile, his answer surprised us: "One of the biggest compliments you can have when it comes to your smile, is that people don't notice it right away. They may say, 'Something is different' or 'Did you change your hairstyle?' but they won't realize it's your teeth."

When Dr. Maddahi does an Anti-Aging Dentistry consultation, he looks at every aspect of your face, not simply your bite or the color of your teeth. Changing the size, shape or depth or your teeth with crowns, veneers and implants can smooth wrinkles around your mouth, fill out your jaw line, or balance the appearance of your smile without plastic surgery.

The beautiful, youthful smiles we associate with celebrities such as Julia Roberts and Halle Berry come from the fullness of the smile. That fullness can sometimes only be restored with a combination of braces and veneers. In many cases however, Dr. Maddahi has restored smiles in just a few visits using only veneers.

Here are some of Dr. Maddahi's patients who have experienced wonderful Anti-Aging Dentistry™ results...

Kim: A picture is worth a thousand words in this Smile Makeover

In order to complete Kim’s Anti-Aging Makeover, Dr. Maddahi asked her to bring him a photograph of her best smile from a younger age. The photograph helped Dr. Maddahi plan the exact reconstruction of Kim’s teeth that would be necessary to restore the beauty and shape of her face as well as her teeth.

Anti Aging Dentistry Beverly Hills

Alice: A fuller, more beautiful mouth

Anti-Aging Dentistry Los Angeles

The lips and mouth are fully supported by the teeth and jaw underneath, and as a person ages, this foundation becomes even more important.

Alice had tried to even her lips with injectables but could never get lasting results. Dr Maddahi discovered that the reason had nothing to do with her skin - the teeth on the upper right side of her mouth were angled inwards, causing her lip to curl on the right.

By building out her teeth with porcelain veneers, Dr. Maddahi not only gave Alice a brilliant smile, he also evened out her lips permanently.

Whitney: Restoring her youth with a Smile Makeover

Anti Aging Dentistry Beverly Hills

Because your smile is the first thing most people notice about you, it can have a dramatic effect on how old people think you are.

Whitney came to Dr. Maddahi while still in her 20's, but because of her chipped and broken-down teeth, people often assumed she was older than she is. As a top anti-aging dentist in Beverly Hills these are the smile makeover challenges Dr. Maddahi loves to take on.

In less than a week, Dr. Maddahi was able to completely restore Whitney's smile using a custom combination of veneers and crowns. Even without plastic surgery, the effect on her appearance was dramatic. Now people always think she's younger than she is.

Marjorie: Recovering the "Disappearing Smile"

Beverly Hills Anti Aging Dentist

"As we age," Dr. Maddahi explains, "there is often a narrowing of the jaw. It's something you can easily check in the the mirror--just smile naturally and see if there are black holes on the right and left sides in the corners of your mouth."

In just two visits, Dr. Maddahi used veneers to give Marjorie a full, beautiful smile, dramatically rejuvenating her teeth and the overall shape of her mouth and jaw while filling out lines and wrinkles.

Russell: Anti-Aging Dentistry restores teeth that are ground down

Anti Aging Dentist Los Angeles

Many people are surprised to discover that they clench or grind their teeth in their sleep or while awake. Stress can certainly be a culprit, but some theories believe it to be hereditary.

Regardless of what causes clenching and grinding, there is no question that it can damage your teeth and speed the "aging" process.

"Over time clenchers and grinders wear their teeth down which collapses the bite and changes the shape of the entire face," explains Dr. Maddahi. "You would be amazed at how much difference there is when you restore just millimeters of tooth structure to restore a person's bite. There are specific techniques that I use with clinchers and grinders to give their mouths extra support and also to help them stop grinding to preserve their teeth."

By restoring Russell's teeth to their full size and shape, Dr. Maddahi gave him a much younger appearance. As one of the experts in anti-aging dentistry, Dr. Maddahi can give you the same life-changing results.