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Beverly Hills Spa Dentistry

The Art and Science of Creating Beautiful, Natural Smiles

A unique combination of artistry and skill has made Dr. Kourosh Maddahi and his team of specialists one of Beverly Hills' leading cosmetic dental offices. In other dentists' offices, you open your mouth. A visit to Dr. Maddahi's office will open your eyes. You'll find a painless system that uses air instead of metal to drill teeth. Advanced computer systems that both help treat and teach you more about your teeth.

Inside Dr. Maddahi's Beverly Hills dental office - reception
Inside Dr. Maddahi's Beverly Hills dental office - hallway
Inside Dr. Maddahi's Beverly Hills dental office - reception from another angle

Mini-cameras that go into your mouth to show you your problems, and your progress.

We are also very pleased to offer the Waterlase MD™ Turbo, a high-tech cooling laser which can be used for fixing a gummy smile, drilling cavities, treating periodontal disease and more. This means the elimination of the vibration and heat of a drill so that soft-tissue procedures can be completed painlessly, and without the bleeding and swelling that comes with drilling and surgery.

Same day dental implants are now a reality, with just one preparation appointment in advance. Additionally, you can have crowns, inlays and onlays within a few hours thanks to CEREC One-Visit Restorations.

All of this to bring you something you've never experienced in a dentist's chair before…


Dr. Maddahi with a male patient

As exciting as all this sounds, Dr. Maddahi's unique Beverly Hills dental spa isn't designed to dazzle patients, but to give patients dazzling smiles.

Our combination of new techniques, advanced tools and the results smiles, has earned Dr. Maddahi a number of awards, including recognition as one of the top Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentists.

You're about to see why…

Call now to schedule a No-Obligation Consultation with Dr. Maddahi to discuss your smile makeover.

Dental Spa Amenities

  • Complimentary refreshment bar with juice, purified spring water, Keurig coffee or hot tea to order
  • Interesting and engaging reading materials in the reception area, including magazines and current newspapers
  • Virtual reality glasses to watch your favorite DVD
  • Aromatherapy eye pillows to relax and sooth tired eyes
  • Warm aromatherapy neck pillows helps to ease tension
  • Soft blankets for warmth and security
  • Elaborate playlists
  • iPod
  • Headphones to use while listening to music
  • Extensive movie collection
  • Hot towels to freshen up with after treatment
  • Organic lip balm to keep lips moist
  • Jaw rests to keep your jaw from getting tired
  • Safety sunglasses to keep the dental light from glaring in your eyes and to keep your eyes safe during treatment

Spa Dentistry

Dental Experience Tour

Beverly Hills residents have a reason to smile! Dr. Maddahi's dental care clinic is open and providing a number of inexpensive spa dentistry procedures to correct and brighten your smile. The videos below gives a brief tour of our Beverly Hills office and explains in better detail the benefits of spa dentistry.

Whether you're looking for porcelain veneers or simply brighter teeth, visit our dental clinic for affordable, relaxing, effective treatments. Spa dentistry is becoming a popular service, and to make sure you get the appointment time you want, contact us today. Find out why so many of Dr Maddahi's patients claim he is the best dentist Beverly Hills has to offer. Your bright smile is waiting for you!


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