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Dr. Maddahi’s highly anticipated line of oral care products is finally here, and it’s more than anyone could have hoped for. Oral Essentials was created by Dr. Maddahi in his Beverly Hills dental office with the help of world-renowned periodontist Dr. Hessam Nowzari, DDS, PhD.

The Best In Oral Care

The idea was to provide their patients and the general public with products that not only combat bad bacteria, but safeguard good bacteria, supporting a balanced ecosystem inside of the mouth all using ingredients that are naturally good for you on their own! Now you can have the very best in oral care from two of the most celebrated dentists in the world with Oral Essentials!

Oral Essentials mouthwash with seasalt and mint

The Mouthwash That Started it All…

At the forefront of the Oral Essentials’ line is its signature Dead Sea salt mouthwash. This unique and refreshing oral rinse is comprised of some of the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer and is sweetened with Xylitol, a sugar alternative that may reduce the risk of tooth decay. It utilizes essential oils like Aloe Vera, Tulsi oil (known as Holy Basil), and Clove to keep oral tissue in tip-top shape while freshening breath and teeth feeling sparkling. Oral Essential’s mouthwash is also free of dyes, preservatives, and alcohol!

Many studies are being conducted all over the world right now to sway people away from oral health products that use alcohol as a preservative, concerned with the long-term effects that might come from daily use of a product that contains it. Though most of these studies are still ongoing (so have provided no actual proof of side effects yet), Dr. Maddahi is firmly against the use of it, or any preservative in his product. Instead, Oral Essential’s mouthwash is pasteurized to keep it fresh, and delivered in a BPA free plastic bottle.

This oral care line is currently undergoing tests to prove just what it can do to help you maintain a perfect smile. Stay tuned and check out www.oralessentials.com for more details!

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