Cost of Dental Implants in Beverly Hills How can you be sure that you are getting the best value for your money?

Whether you've already lost one or more teeth or have just been told that a tooth needs to be removed, the impact can be devastating. No one likes the idea that their smile will be incomplete, and we all rely on every one of our teeth for eating, speaking, and smiling with ease.

While costs can vary, implant treatment is not inexpensive. Does that mean that you should go to the dentist who charges the least to give you an implant?

If you are considering the alternative of getting a dental implant, then you need to be aware that the procedure is a surgical one. Because implants are the latest standard of care for replacing missing teeth, implant surgery is unlikely to be covered by your dental insurance. Most insurance companies will only cover partial costs of older treatments.

While costs can vary, implant treatment is not inexpensive. Does that mean that you should go to the dentist who charges the least to give you an implant? Well, consider it this way: if you were going to have heart surgery, would you want to find the cheapest surgeon possible to cut open your chest? If you were going to buy a car for your teenage daughter, would you select the least expensive one that you could find? If you were going to buy a car for your teenage daughter, would you select the least expensive one that you could find?

At Dr. Maddahi's office, we recommend that you take those things into account when you are planning your Beverly Hills dental implant surgery. After all, dental implants are fixtures that are placed permanently into your mouth. Once placed, it can not be taken out without considerable bone damage. More importantly, you will be relying on them every day to eat, to speak, and to complete your smile. Isn't it important that they be done right – the FIRST time?

Financing Options for Dental Implants

At our office, we offer many financing options for our patients through Care Credit and other financial services programs. You can apply for financing at our office and we will do everything possible to help you get the care you need.

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What questions should you ask your prospective implant dentist?

Top Beverly Hills Implant Dentist Kourosh Maddahi believes that an educated patient is a happy patient. He'd love it if you were to research implant dentistry thoroughly, and understand when you come in to see him exactly what it is that you can and should expect from an implant dentist. That's why he suggests that you be sure to question every dentist that you are considering thoroughly, and understand exactly what value it is that they are offering to give you, as well as how they price their services.

What experience do you have in implant dentistry? Many dentists will offer you dental implants to replace teeth that you have lost, or that they would like to extract. Before you consent to the surgery, find out how experienced your dentist is in dealing with implants. Dr. Maddahi and his team have placed thousands of dental implants. With his experience and skill, you can be certain that he will give you a dental implant that will complete your smile comfortably and beautifully.

Who will be performing my implant surgery?

Some general dentists will perform implant surgery themselves, and you will of course want to ask them about their training in implant surgical procedures. Others will send you to an oral surgeon or other specialist for your surgery, and have you return to their office months later to have a crown placed on your implant.

Dr. Maddahi teams with world-class periodontal surgeon Kamini Kapoor for all of his dental implant procedures. Dr. Kapoor has many years of experience in implant surgery, and uses the most advanced technology from Nobel Biocare.

What technology will you be using to plan my surgery?

Implant posts are placed deep into a patient's jawbone. To be successful, they must be placed carefully into bone, not tissue; they must be placed at a viable angle to allow the placement of the tooth's crown, and they must be of a sufficient size to deal with the stress that will be placed on the tooth. In order to correctly plan that surgery, your dentist should take as many x-rays and scans as he or she possibly can, from as many angles as are feasible, so that your surgery can be planned down to the tiniest fraction.

Galileos Conebeam Scanner

Using the Galileos Conebeam Scanner, Dr. Maddahi can take a low-radiation, detailed scan of your head, jaw, and neck in 14 seconds.

Dr. Maddahi finds that at least 30% of his implant patients come to him as a result of failed implant procedures from other practitioners, and most of these failures are the result of insufficient or poor planning before the surgery began. In Dr. Maddahi's office, your implant surgery is planned using 3D full-skull scans from the Galileos cone beam scanner.

This device takes over 200 individual, low-radiation x-rays in about 14 seconds. Nobel software allows Dr. Maddahi and Dr. Kapoor to examine a composite x-ray of your head and neck that shows every detail of your jaw, mouth, teeth, and sinuses, from every conceivable angle.

In fact, Dr. Kapoor will perform your surgery virtually on the computer before she begins your actual surgery. In our office, you will not experience any surgical surprises.

How long will I have to wait before I have my new tooth?

Many dental offices will tell you that after implant surgery, you should expect to wait at least six months before they can fit you with a crown. Think carefully: are you willing to be without the tooth or teeth in question for months? How will it affect your daily life? Dr. Maddahi is able to provide almost all of his implant patients with same-day dental implants. In this procedure, a temporary acrylic crown is placed as soon as your implant post has been placed. You will leave our office on the day of your surgery with a new tooth.

Yes, you will need to have it replaced with a permanent tooth after your implant post has fully bonded to your bone. Thanks to the state-of-the-art surgical procedures employed by Dr. Kapoor, you can expect this to be 3-4 months, not 6-8. And you won't be toothless while you wait. The temporary crowns that Dr. Maddahi creates are extremely high-quality acrylic crowns, matched to your own teeth, and comfortably fit to your bite.

How do I know that my procedure will be safe and pain free?

As with any surgery, there are dangers from possible infection, over or underuse of anesthesia. You will want to ask to see the operatory, and to find out from the surgeon what kind of success rate he or she has. In Dr. Maddahi's office, we pride ourselves on the clean and beautiful spa quality of our operatories.

Patients visit our practice from all over the world, just to take advantage of our excellent facilities and expertise. Dr. Kapoor uses high tech equipment to minimize the time needed in surgery, and to make sure that you are comfortable and pain free.

From computer-directed injections to laser sterilization, you can be sure that we have taken every possible precaution to make sure that your surgery here will be safe and successful. Read a case history from actor Ed O'Ross.

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Ask Dr. Maddahi in a free consultation

If you are considering dental implants, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Maddahi.

Your initial consultation and exam are free. It consists of a 41-point comprehensive exam that includes everything from looking at your teeth and gums, to your bite, and the way your whole mouth looks and functions as a whole.

Before we plan your implant treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetics of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so that we can help you get there.

(NOTE: There may be a charge if x-rays are necessary. We encourage our patients to bring x-rays to their first visit if they have had them taken recently.)

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