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Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic facings that bond to your teeth to reshape and restructure them, If your teeth are stained, misshapen, uneven, or include a large gap, you may already be considering veneers as a way to permanently fix your teeth. Traditional porcelain veneers are durable and beautiful. But they require preparation of your own teeth, which means that your otherwise healthy teeth may need to be ground down to accommodate the veneers.

If that prospect has stopped you in the past from getting veneers, then you should consider instead getting Lumineers in Beverly Hills, the amazing "prep-less" veneers from Dr. Maddahi. With over 24 years of experience and expertise in creating veneers that beautifully enhance your smile, Dr. Maddahi can quickly and easily transform your smile from flawed to fantastic – in just a few days.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Lumineers?

Lumineers are suitable for individuals with specific cosmetic dental concerns. Good candidates for Lumineers typically include:

  • Stable Oral Health
  • Cosmetic Concerns
  • Sufficient Tooth Structure
  • Desire for Minimal Tooth Reduction
  • Commitment to Oral Hygiene
  • Realistic Expectations
  • Non-Smokers
  • No Teeth Grinding Issues

It's essential for potential candidates to consult with a qualified cosmetic dentist who can assess their oral health, discuss their specific concerns, and determine the suitability of Lumineers for their individual needs. Each case is unique, and a dentist can provide personalized recommendations based on the patient's dental condition and goals.

Lumineers vs. porcelain veneers

Unlike traditional porcelain veneers where the surface of the tooth has to be shaved down, Lumineers are so thin that they can be placed without altering the tooth. Lumineers are extremely thin wafers of porcelain that are bonded to the front of the tooth. Because the veneers for our Lumineers in Beverly Hills are so thin, they transmit light like natural tooth enamel.

What Are The Benefits of Lumineers:

Lumineers offer several benefits as a cosmetic dental treatment:

  • Minimal Tooth Reduction
  • Non-Invasive Procedure
  • Versatility
  • Natural Appearance
  • Durability
  • Stain Resistance
  • Quick Procedure
  • Reversible Option
  • Improved Confidence

Dr. Maddahi Answers Your Questions About Veneers

Do you think that veneers might be right for you, but you're just not sure? As a very experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Maddahi believes that an educated patient is a happy patient. He's very happy to explain veneers to you thoroughly and help you to understand exactly what it is that you can and should expect from your cosmetic dentist, and how Lumineers in Beverly Hills are the best fit for you. 

Learn more about Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Maddahi

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Will Lumineers work for me?

Lumineers can be an excellent way to quickly transform your smile, but they will not be right for every type of smile transformation. The best way to find out if Lumineers are for you is to come in for a complimentary cosmetic consultation for Lumineers in Beverly Hills with Dr. Maddahi.

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Why Choose Dr. Maddahi for Lumineers?

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi is an award-winning Beverly Hills dentist, who has been transforming smiles for more than 24 years. Having personally designed thousands of smile makeovers, he has the experience, skill, and artistic eye to give you the beautiful, natural smile that you have always wanted.

Dr. Maddahi has been featured as a Dental Makeover Expert on many TV shows including Oprah, 10-Years Younger, Entertainment Tonight, Extreme Makeover, and on numerous news broadcasts, including FOX's Good Day LA, KTLA morning news, KABC News, CBS News, and CNN.

Dr. Maddahi has perfected the art of smile makeovers to ensure that the makeover is rapid, pain-free, and precisely crafted to give you a smile that is just right for your face and your personality.

Read more about Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Maddahi.

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Lumineer FAQs:

How long do Lumineers last?

How long does it take to get Lumineers?

Can Lumineers be removed or reversed?

Are Lumineers covered by dental insurance?

How long do Lumineers last?

With proper care and maintenance, Lumineers can last for many years—often a decade or more. Regular dental check-ups and good oral hygiene practices contribute to their longevity.

How long does it take to get Lumineers?

The Lumineers process typically involves two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, impressions are taken, and the dentist determines the desired shade. The second visit involves bonding the Lumineers to the teeth, and the entire process can be completed in a few weeks.

Can Lumineers be removed or reversed?

While Lumineers are designed to be a permanent cosmetic solution, they can be removed if necessary. However, the removal process may involve some enamel reduction, and the teeth may need an alternative restoration.

Are Lumineers covered by dental insurance?

Dental insurance typically covers procedures that address dental health issues rather than purely cosmetic treatments. Lumineers are often considered elective, so coverage may not be provided.

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