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Dentistry Impossible - The Dangers of Waiting

Putting off dental care can create further risks

No one looks forward to a trip to the dentist, and many people put off trips for years because of fear and anxiety associated with dental care.

The problem with this is that dental conditions worsen over time. A small cavity turns into a large cavity if untreated. If that cavity is permitted to continue to spread, it can infect the root and nerve of the tooth causing a lot of pain, and necessitating a root canal. If that same condition goes untreated, the tooth may not be able to be saved, and an implant is required to fix it.

And so a simple filling turns into an extraction and a dental implant – a far more invasive and far more costly process for all concerned.

While Dr. Maddahi specializes in cosmetic and restoration care, including dental implants, our goal is to help people re-shape their smiles using conservative techniques that preserve their natural teeth as much as possible. This gets harder and harder to achieve the longer a person has gone without care.


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Close up of unhealthy teeth and gums, with purple discoloration in gums

This patient came to Dr. Maddahi 11 years after her problems had begun.

Originally she went to a dentist because she had a loose tooth, and she was told the tooth needed to be removed. She went back a year later and by then the dentist wanted to pull many teeth to try to treat the spreading infection in her jaw bone. Part of the reason for this was that the doctors were unable to locate the exact source of the infection as it didn't show up on regular x-rays.

This year she was referred to our office by her doctor because the MD suspected some kind of oral infection. The doctor was treating this patient with antibiotics without improvement and suspected the real problem was hiding in her mouth.

When the patient came to Dr. Maddahi, the first step was a 3D Imaging to see where the infection was and how it was affecting her teeth. Treatment was performed to remove the infection and fix the bone and gum tissue, as well as restoring the teeth themselves.

By addressing the infection, Dr. Maddahi was able to save most of the teeth and restore the patient's health. The patient said she felt better right away, and the fatigue and tiredness she had been experiencing went away as well. The pain she had been experiencing in her mouth, jaw and head also went away, as did a ringing she was experiencing in her ears.

Dr. Maddahi was able to treat this case, but it required much more extensive work because the person waited over a decade to seek the proper care.

If you think you may need dental care of any kind, we encourage you to see Dr. Maddahi for a complimentary consultation. By locating and addressing the problems now, we can reduce future dental costs and prevent unnecessary pain.

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