Technology of Same Day Implants

At Dr. Maddahi’s Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist office, many of our patients come to us quite certain of two things: 1) they want their smiles transformed beautifully and 2) they want to have it done quickly.

In order to accommodate our patients' needs, we have set up our office to cater to those who want immediate treatment, with among the finest same-day dental implants Beverly Hills offers. Here is how we are able to do it so quickly:

Step 1: A thorough, private consultation

When you come to our office seeking same-day implants, you will first meet with expert cosmetic dentist Kourosh Maddahi. With over 20 years of experience and the most technologically advanced office possible, Dr. Maddahi is certain that he can handle just about any dental implant case, rapidly and comfortably.

In this initial consultation step, Dr. Maddahi will take a complete dental health history from you. He will ask you to explain to him what it is that you hope to accomplish with the procedure, and he will want to know about any earlier experiences that you have had with dental implant surgery or other tooth replacement alternatives. He will also want to find out about your medical history and current health, to make sure that you are a candidate for Same Day Dental Implant surgery.

In addition to performing an examination of your jaw, teeth, and gums, Dr. Maddahi will review any x-rays that you may bring with you and, if you have none, immediately take digital x-rays so that he can understand your case. He will take impressions of your teeth, so that he can plan your Same Day Implant to fit perfectly with your other teeth.

He and our expert dental implant surgeon will review your options with you. We want to be sure that all of us agree on exactly the result that we want to have before we begin your treatment.

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Step 2: Galileos 3D X-rays are taken

After your initial consultation for Same Day Dental Implants in Beverly Hills, we will need to carefully plan your procedure. To be certain that your implants are correctly placed, our dental surgeon uses the Galileos Conebeam Scanner. The GALILEOS is a revolutionary CT or CAT scanning device that is a fraction of the size of a bulky medical scanner, and scans only your head and neck region.

You can sit comfortably for your scan, which is completed in 14 seconds. The Cone Beam scanner will take 200 individual images. Special software will process the images into a 3D viewer that will allow our implant surgeon to view your mouth and jaw from literally any angle, and in the smallest possible detail. The resolution produced is 500 % greater than the resolution from a medical CT scanner, and the radiation has been reduced by 95%.

Galileos Conebeam Scanner

How do your doctors use the Galileos images?

Dr. Maddahi and our dental implant specialist will use these detailed scans to help them plan your procedure. The Galileos gives them a three dimensional view of your head, neck, and jaw so that they can:

  • Evaluate fully the depth and strength of the bone that you have to support your implants
  • Anticipate any potential difficulties or problems that could arise in implant surgery
  • Virtually plan your surgery completely before they begin.
Galileos Scan

Step 3: Detailed and coordinated formulation of your exact treatment plan

Dental implants have three parts: a titanium post, which is embedded into your jaw and simulates a tooth root; an abutment, which provides the stable setting for the tooth; and the crown, which functions as the replacement tooth that you see above your gum.

In order for your Same Day Implant to appear and feel like a natural tooth, each of these parts must be carefully planned to work correctly for you, and to work with one another. The post will need to be placed in the right location and at the right angle to correctly support the crown. The abutment will need to be the correct size, placed at the correct angle, and made from durable dental materials that are compatible with your body chemistry.

The crown will need to be manufactured from biocompatible, durable, and natural-looking materials. It will need to be shaped to precise specifications so that it matches your other teeth in size, shape, and color, and so that it enhances your bite and feels comfortable in your mouth.

Dr. Maddahi and our dental surgeon will consult closely with one another to make sure that all the parts of your Same Day Implants are prepared and implemented correctly. They will examine your Galileos images from every angle necessary to ensure that an implant post can be placed to replace your tooth, at an angle and to a depth that will result in a natural, beautiful bite.

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Step 4: Virtual planning of your complete implant surgery

If you like, our dental implant surgeon will review your procedure with you on the computer, so that you completely understand what we will be doing.

Next, our implant surgeon will perform your Beverly Hills dental implants surgery, step by step on their computer, with your 3D x-rays on the screen using special software from Nobel Biocare, the award-winning company that pioneered this technology.

Ed O' Ross with Dr. Kapoor

We will verify that for every implant you need, you have sufficient bone to support it. We will use the images to decide the exact depth to which we can place the implant post, and will walk through the surgery from every angle to be sure that there will be no surprises.

In order for your implant to be successful, the titanium post must be placed into a section of your jaw that has sufficient bone depth to fully accommodate and support the post. An implant succeeds when the post bonds to your bone tissue, and becomes firmly a part of your body. If there is not sufficient bone depth, the post can't be placed correctly, and the result could be an implant that comes loose or falls out or a tooth that is placed at an angle that creates a painful or aesthetically unpleasing bite.

Earlier dental implant techniques required an oral surgeon to estimate bone depth availability based on simple x-rays taken from just a few angles. The surgeon would be required to open up the gum and view the structure in order to place the post, and could not be certain that he or she was actually drilling correctly into the bone to allow for comfortable implant placement. This procedure often works, but it is imprecise, and can lead to failed implants, or surgeries in which the surgeon finds that the implant can't be placed at all.

With Galileo's images and the Nobel biocare software, the guesswork is gone. Our dental surgeon can plan your Same Day Dental Implant surgery precisely, and there will be no surprises.

Step 5: Preparation in-house of your temporary replacement tooth

While our dental surgeon is planning your surgery, Dr. Maddahi will be planning and creating your new crown.

Using our state-of-the-art computer-aided milling machine, Dr. Maddahi will make you a durable ceramic crown, matched precisely in color and size to your remaining teeth.

Your new crown will be a temporary one, and will remain in place for you while your implant surgery heals and the titanium bonds to your jawbone. Our patients are amazed, however, at how beautiful our temporary crowns are. Dr. Maddahi frequently hears from experienced patients and other practitioners that his temporary crowns are more attractive and comfortable than many permanent ones.

CEREC One-Visit Crowns

1. Dr. Maddahi designs your crown to your precise dimensions using the CEREC computer. 2. The crown is milled for you in our lab, using the CEREC milling machine. 3. Our expert lab tech will carefully craft any necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Rapid, precise surgery for rapid healing

Our dental implant surgeon will perform your surgery right here, in our fully-equipped operatory. Because they have already done the surgery on their computer, they will be able to do it quickly and comfortably.

You can expect precision placement of your new post, with very little trauma to your gums or jaw, and no unnecessary incisions or stitches. Our implant surgeon will use a virtually pain-free dental laser to sterilize the site and prevent infection.

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Step 7: Immediate placement of your new tooth

Once the post and abutment are in place, Dr. Maddahi will carefully place and adjust the temporary crown. It will protect your implant as it heals, and allow you to smile, speak and eat normally.

Actor Ed O'Ross had this to say about his Same Day Implants:

Ed O' Ross with Dr. Maddhi, giving thumbs up

When my two front crowns that I had gotten elsewhere broke off while I was in a restaurant, I was fortunate enough to remember Kourosh Maddahi. I should have come here in the first place. He's a caring guy, he's kept up with all the latest advances, all the latest equipment. And he's a damn fine dentist. A damn fine dentist!

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If you are considering same day dental implants in Beverly Hills, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Maddahi. Let us plan your surgery, and restore your smile.

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