Veneer Replacement

Over the last 10 years, the technology of cosmetic dentistry has changed. From the equipment used, to the materials and techniques, the quality of porcelain veneers and crowns today are far superior to those available just a decade ago.

And you can see the difference! Due to the increase in quality, many people who had dental veneers a long time ago are finding they need or desire our dental veneers replacement in Beverly Hills.

Better Materials, Improved Results

The biggest advancement for dental veneers came with the strengthening of materials. When you look back at veneers and crowns put in 10 years ago and before, the majority of them had metal inside to make them strong enough to withstand years of wear and tear. They had to be covered with many thick layers of porcelain and opaquers to mask the grey of the metal, and this made it difficult to achieve a natural look.

Porcelain has become much stronger since then, and the result is natural looking teeth that can last for decades without cracking or breaking. The cements used have also changed. In the past, the cement used to hold veneers and crowns in place would discolor over time, creating a grey or yellow look. Today, the cement used does not discolor, and the colors and opaqueness of the porcelain itself are much improved as well.

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Artistry in Dentistry for a Radiant Smile

When you combine these technology advancements with the skills of a cosmetic dentist who has an artist’s eye and a lab tech who is a master technician, the results you get can be quite dramatic. Master technicians are technicians who have created over 30,000 crowns or veneers, and the abilities of a person with that much experience are quite marked compared with those without.

Dr. Maddahi’s artistry, combined with the understanding and skill of a master technician and the state-of-the-art technologies they employ gives his patients the chance to achieve a truly radiant, and rejuvenated smile.

Replacing Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are the perfect way to improve the appearance of your smile – when done right. The reasons veneers may require replacement include:

  • The appearance does not meet the patient’s expectations
  • Veneers too large
  • Veneers look unnatural
  • Wrong color veneers
  • Stained veneers
  • Old veneers
  • Gums have receded
  • Veneers improperly applied to tooth surface
  • Veneer debonded from tooth structure
  • Broken veneers

Facial Structure Evaluation Prior to Replacement

If you choose veneers replacement in Beverly Hills, you want the result to be excellent, and the new veneers to last for many years. One of the most critical points in custom veneers is an evaluation of the mouth and facial structure so the perfect size, shape, and color are created.

Dr. Maddahi works with many celebrities, models, and industry leaders. He is known for his artistry and skill in the dental arts and can be trusted to help you replace veneers and create a stunning, natural-looking smile.

He takes all the time needed in developing a treatment plan, going above and beyond in the planning phase of your transformation. He reviews every detail of your facial structure and how your teeth and mouth function to enhance your features in a 41-point comprehensive exam.

Your Smile, Transformed

The latest generation of veneers is far superior to what was available in years past. Dr. Maddahi is committed to providing his patients with the highest quality replacement veneers that will last and last, keeping your smile brilliant and appealing for years into the future. The process requires only two appointments to complete for most patients.

We invite you to discuss what you hope to achieve and what cosmetic or functional problems need correction. Your smile is a critical point in your facial appeal, and you can be fully confident in the skill, artistry, and procedures we employ in planning treatment and placing new veneers. We take great pride in creating beautiful, natural-looking smiles, including when replacing veneers.

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Custom Veneer Replacement in Beverly Hills

Your Beverly Hills veneers replacement and the perfect smile can typically be achieved within one week. As replacing a broken or discolored veneer can be an urgent cosmetic problem, we can help you regain confidence in your smile quickly – and with stunning results.

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