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The IAOMT Safe Amalgam Removal Protocol


*Very healthy patients: Proceed with standard protection with minimal risk

*Patients with mild health problems: Proceed with caution: (biological support and all protections).

*Acutely or chronically ill patients: Danger: Do not proceed – Refer to M.D. for prior treatment – Ensure excretory organs are functional.

  • Biological Support
  • Activated charcoal slurry rinse and swallow
  • Alternate air source with nasal bond
  • Isolation: rubber dam and/or Clean-Up
  • Use powerful high volume evacuation (suction)
  • Use copious amounts of water
  • Use of saliva ejector
  • Cut out large 'chunks' vs pulverizing
  • Protect eyes, hair, skin and clothing
  • Thoroughly rinse out mouth 45 seconds


  • Alternate air source or respirator
  • Nitrile gloves or sulfur powder in latex gloves
  • Eye and face protection
  • Clothing precautions
  • Clinic air filtering/ionizing
  • Nutrition and supplementation
  • Instrument decontamination


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