Dentistry Impossible - The Dangers of Misdiagnosis Proper care begins with a proper diagnosis

Dental care is a field where new technology is emerging every year to help us provide better diagnoses and faster and more painless treatment.

For example, only a small percentage of dental offices are equipped with Galileos 3D Imaging. This technology takes a full scan of your head and gives Dr. Maddahi the tools to examine every aspect of your mouth and jawbones from any angle imaginable. Problems that simply don't show up on a regular x-ray can be seen on a 3D scan, and it makes it possible to give the most accurate diagnosis possible.

The problems that come from misdiagnosis are many. If a dentist can't see hidden tooth decay or bone infection, they may not provide treatment early enough to prevent the decay or infection from spreading. This causes greater pain and more extensive treatment later in life.

If you have had persistent dental problems with pain or infection or decay, you can get a 3D Scan at Dr. Maddahi's office to help locate the source of the problem so it can be properly treated. Call us today to schedule your consultation.

Dental history for Kim S.

Case History

One of our patients had suffered from dental problems her entire life. She was subjected to multiple extractions and braces at an early age, and by the time she reached her thirties, the mercury fillings in her mouth were poisoning her body. Having these fillings removed caused even more health problems as some of the mercury was carelessly allowed to sleep in her system.

These experiences had left her frightened of further dental treatment, and she didn't see a dentist at all for the next ten years. By this time, neglecting her decaying teeth caused further problems. She started seeing dentists for diagnosis, and was told by two practitioners that they wanted to remove all her teeth (including the healthy ones), and place two implants and a denture on the upper and lower jaw.

The patient's goal was to save her teeth and avoid having to put any more metal into her body, and she also wanted to avoid invasive and expensive surgeries. Dr. Maddahi was able to properly diagnose each tooth in her mouth and determine a completely custom combination of crowns and bridges to restore her mouth without a single extraction, implant, or metal substance. This was only possible using cutting-edge technology, premium porcelain, and zirconium.

The Dangers of Waiting

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