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For more than 24 years, Dr. Kourosh Maddahi has been a Beverly Hills Dentist.

His office, conveniently located on Roxbury Drive, has been the dental "home" to many well-known celebrities, athletes, business people, and fashion icons.

In addition to world-class cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Maddahi provides all of his patients with full service dental care. Whether you are ready for a smile transformation, or just need a single crown, you can count on Dr. Maddahi to provide you with the best possible dental treatment.

Our General Dental Services

Cleanings and Checkups

Regular checkups and dental cleanings are essential to preserving your teeth and maintaining your beautiful smile. Your checkup with Dr. Maddahi includes an assessment of 41 individual points, from checking all of your teeth for decay or damage to a screening for oral cancer. And our highly trained hygienists will keep your smile sparkling.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings at our office are made from high-quality and durable materials that are carefully set to match the color of your tooth. "Silver" amalgam fillings, which are both unsightly and contain substances known to be toxic, are not used in our office.

Learn more about Tooth Colored Fillings

One-Visit CEREC Dental Crowns

A dental crown can be used to fully repair a damaged tooth, change the shape or color of a tooth for cosmetic reasons, or to completely replace a missing tooth as part of a dental implant. Dr. Maddahi is an expert in designing and fashioning crowns that are exactly right for your smile. Using advanced CEREC technology, Dr. Maddahi can fashion crowns that will look beautiful and feel like your natural teeth, in a single visit.

Learn more about CEREC Crowns

One-Visit Inlays and Onlays

Larger dental restorations include inlays (placed into a tooth) and onlays (placed on top of the tooth). Dr. Maddahi uses advanced CEREC technology to design and mill your inlays and onlays right here in our own in-office lab, making your complete restoration a one-visit experience.

Learn more about One-Visit Inlays and Onlays

Dental Bonding

Sometimes a simple solution is a good one. For a small chip or other simple dental repair, Dr. Maddahi can provide you with fast and color-matched dental bonding using a composite resin. The resin is sculpted to match your tooth in a single visit.

Learn more about Dental Bonding


Complete or partial dentures are often necessary to help patients who have lost some or all of their teeth. Dr. Maddahi offers denture patients many options to restore full health and function, including implant-supported dentures.

Learn more about Dentures

Dental Bridges

A properly-made bridge can replace a single missing tooth, and restore your smile to complete health and beauty.

Learn more about Dental Bridges

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Cosmetic Re-Contouring and Re-Shaping

Sometimes Dr. Maddahi will recommend cosmetic re-contouring or re-shaping, to correct small imperfections by slightly altering the position, shape, or length of a tooth. You would be amazed at how Dr. Maddahi's careful re-contouring can improve your smile.

Learn more about Cosmetic Re-Contouring and Re-Shaping


Headaches and jaw pain are often caused by bruxism – unconsciously grinding your teeth during sleep. With a custom nightguard from Dr. Maddahi, you can protect your teeth and jaw joints, and eliminate headaches.

Learn more about Nightguards

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