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Anti-Aging Dentistry, Restoring Youth One Smile at a Time

Dr Maddahi’s first book hits #1 on Amazon’s best-seller list and gains international press!

Dr. Maddahi is known as the Smile Transformation Expert

Anti Aging Dentistry book by Dr. Maddahi

When Dr Maddahi set out to write a book detailing the development of a subfield of dentistry he’d been pioneering for the last few years he never thought he would garner such broad and intense interest. However, the subject of Anti-Aging Dentistry has put the alternatives described in its pages in the spotlight, and, subsequently, the book right at the top of the best-seller list in multiple categories, including Health & Fitness on Amazon.com.

Inside Dr Maddahi’s overview of Anti-Aging Dentistry he goes over its premiere procedure, the Maddahi Smile Lift, and how it can provide long-term, natural looking results for patients that peel back years from the bottom third of the face. He describes how structural abnormalities inside the mouth could be the singular reason for multiple signs of unwanted aging there, and by correcting these defects he has been able to reverse them.

Hailed as revolutionary, and eye-opening, these alternatives to more invasive procedures have swept the nation, and has Dr Maddahi appearing on news outlets all over the country, including Good Day Sacramento, PBS SoCal, Great Day Sacramento, and several more.

The best part? All of this can be achieved in just a few visits to Dr Maddahi’s dental office in Beverly Hills, where he puts together custom treatment plans to match each patient’s unique case and needs. Backed up by a sterling staff, and the most cutting edge technology available in the market, Dr Maddahi is set to deliver life changing results, transforming people’s smiles with the world’s most innovative dental movement; Anti-Aging Dentistry.

Buy the book or visit the website to find out if you’re a candidate and what Anti-Aging Dentistry could do for you! Buy on Amazon


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