Dental Implants Case History Actor Ed O'Ross

Ed is an actor. He's often recognized, whether it's from one of his 52 feature films, or his iconic role as Russian mobster Nikolai on Showtime's Six Feet Under. Needless to say, his teeth are an important part of his livelihood.

Ed's dental difficulties began when he fractured one of his top teeth. It seemed simple enough to have it crowned, but the general dentist that crowned it neglected to first repair the fracture. Ed was pretty surprised when that tooth suddenly fell out. He returned to the same place for a "repair" – which resulted in not just the one lost tooth. The practitioner drilled through two more teeth as well, resulting in pain and a slow recovery. The remaining portions of all three teeth were eventually crowned.

But that solution presented difficulties of its own. The "new teeth" were just not natural. Ed found that he was losing his ability to do voice over work because he was slurring his words and couldn't do accents. And when the crowns broke with a loud crack over a piece of bread at the Palm, he realized that he needed to consult a top-notch dentist. He needed Dr. Maddahi.

Actor Ed O'Ross

"I think we can do something about this, and make it right."

Collage of photos of Ed O' Ross after receiving dental implants from Dr. Maddahi

Ed remembered, then, that he had been to Dr. Maddahi years before, and that Dr. Maddahi did good work. He made an appointment, and was not disappointed.

With his years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. Maddahi was able to quickly determine exactly what had happened with Ed's teeth, and how to repair the damage correctly.

You can imagine Ed's relief when, after a 41-point exam, Dr. Maddahi told him, "I think we can do something about this, and make it right." Dr. Maddahi advised Ed that under the circumstances, his best recourse would be to replace the hopelessly damaged three front teeth with same-day dental implants.

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Gentle, Rapid Extractions

The first step in Ed's treatment plan was to have the remains of his three front teeth extracted because they were no longer healthy or able to support a crown. Ed was fearful: he'd had teeth removed before. The process had been lengthy, and he'd broken bone as a result, which took a long time to heal.

Dr. Kapoor assured Ed that these extractions would be entirely different. She told him that with the aid of a simple device that allowed her to use leverage rather than force to extract the teeth, there would be no yanking, twisting, or bone damage, and the extractions would be quick. She wanted to make sure that his jaw bone and gums would be in excellent condition for the implant surgery that she had planned as the next stage of his treatment. Ed was happy to discover that Dr. Kapoor was right. Using the Physics Forceps, she was able to gently pop out each tooth in 30 to 60 seconds, with no damage to his bone or gums.

Ed O' Ross with Dr. Kapoor

"There were no surgical surprises."

Ed's next step was implant surgery, in which Dr. Kapoor carefully placed the titanium posts that would act as "roots" for his new front crowns, while Dr. Maddahi carefully designed, created, and placed his new temporary crowns that would look and feel like natural teeth.

Thanks to Dr. Maddahi's state-of-the-art Galileos Conebeam Scanner and Nobel Biocare computer software, he and Dr. Kapoor were able to plan Ed's surgery in the tiniest detail on the computer before they began it. The Galileos snapped more than 400 images of Ed's head and jaw from every possible angle – in 14 seconds. The software used those images to generate a composite picture that the dentists could rotate in every direction and view down to the smallest detail.

With this technology, planning Ed's implant surgery was both fast and free of surprises. The same-day crowns were placed as temporaries, while the underlying posts took a few months to bond to Ed's jawbone, but Dr. Maddahi took care to be certain that they would look and function like normal front teeth.

After all, Ed's front teeth were vitally necessary to his professional career. The missing and broken teeth were gone. Ed was able to leave our office on the day of his implant surgery with new front teeth.

"I should have come to him in the first place."

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Ed O' Ross with Dr. Maddhi, giving thumbs up

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