Smile Transformation by Dr. Maddahi - Kim S. Case History: Dr. Maddahi gave Kim her smile back

When Kim Semprevia came to see Dr. Maddahi, she came with a great deal of fear and very little hope. "Fear" because she had had more than a lifetime's worth of dental treatment already, none of it pleasant; "little hope" because four dentists had already told her that they wanted to remove her remaining teeth and give her dentures. And Kim was only in her 40's.

Kim's dental experiences began early in life. She was born with four complete sets of teeth: two sets of baby teeth, and two sets of adult teeth. As she grew, so did the teeth, and all of those extra teeth had to be removed, in four separate surgeries. The teeth that remained were weak and prone to cavities, so by the time she was an adult, Kim had a mouthful of metal fillings, all of which contained mercury.

She had those removed and replaced in 1997, but that experience nearly killed her, as the mercury from the fillings was carelessly allowed to escape into her body. Needless to say, Kim had no desire whatsoever to get still more dental treatment. However, her remaining teeth did not do well, and several fell out. Another dentist gave her a temporary prosthetic bridge, but that damaged still more of her teeth. That's when she finally began consulting another four dentists, all of whom said the same thing: none of her teeth should be saved. All of them should be removed, and Kim should learn to live with dentures.

Then she came to see Dr. Maddahi. And as Kim puts it, "He changed my life."

"Dr. Maddahi said, 'I'm going to be the dentist that handles your teeth.' It was life-changing.

Dr. Maddahi started with a thorough exam and x-rays. Then he sat down and talked with Kim. She told him about her fear, and told him that she hated the thought of wearing dentures for the rest of her life.

Dr. Maddahi understood that it would be easier to simply remove Kim's teeth than to try and save them. But that's not what Kim wanted – and Dr. Maddahi is interested in doing what the patient needs and wants, not in what would be the easiest thing to do. Kim was overjoyed when Dr. Maddahi told her that he could restore her smile using crowns and a permanent bridge.

She says, "I was overwhelmed by how much he cared. He said, 'I'm going to be the dentist that handles your mouth. I'm not allowing you to go to anyone else.' And he said it with so much confidence, care, and certainty on his part, of what he needed to do and how he could give me my smile back. It was life-changing."

"My husband said, 'I have my Kimmy back.'

Then he hugged and kissed me, like he hadn't in a very long time. For Dr. Maddahi, it was very important that he restore Kim's smile to the vibrant, beautiful smile that had been hers before her dental trauma. To help him do that, Kim brought in photographs for him to see, such as her high school graduation photograph, when she felt her smile had been at its best.

Kim's restoration included removal of decay and older dental work, and the addition of multiple porcelain crowns, along with a permanently-anchored bridge to restore some missing teeth. It sounds like a lot, but it took only 3 ½ weeks. And Kim thinks it was certainly worth the time and money spent.

"When all the dental work was done – this was the grand finale day – I walked through the door and my husband jumped up and said, "I have my Kimmy back! You look 5 years younger." And then he hugged and kissed me like he hadn't in a very long time."

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"I can't believe how much Dr. Maddahi cares."

Kim had a long and difficult dental journey, but she will tell you that Dr. Maddahi's expert, gentle care more than made up for it. She consulted him because, she says, she had heard about his excellent reputation.

She plans to return to him any time that she needs dental treatment because of his caring response to her problems. She says, "I can't believe how much Dr. Maddahi cares to help people get through whatever dental problems. He's magnificent in every way."

If you are considering dental implants, call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Maddahi. Let us plan your treatment and restore your smile.

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