Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dental Surgery

Everyone desires to maintain a pleasing appearance. Most people therefore take adequate time to groom and ready themselves daily. Whether sitting at home or going to the local grocery store, this daily procedure generally is not skipped. In some cases, however, attractive appearance is stifled nevertheless due to dental challenges. Consequently, people willingly invest time and money into Beverly Hills cosmetic dental surgery.

Imagine, for example, wearing nice attire and having a fresh hair cut. The make-up has been flawlessly applied, or the beard is shaved perfectly. When looking into the mirror everything appears meticulously prepared without error. Feelings of pride flow through the body. A smile slowly surfaces – and suddenly vanishes. Shame replaces the pride as the individual glares in the mirror. What happened?

Neither make-up nor hair could cover the rotten and/or missing teeth. Although well groomed, the oral distortion steals the attention. Individuals that endure dental challenges also suffer from embarrassment and a lack of self-confidence. They realize that their teeth cause a less than stellar appearance. Furthermore, their bad teeth pose eating challenges.

Fortunately, there are Beverly Hills cosmetic dental surgery practices that can correct these eating and appearance challenges due to bad teeth. Today, implants continue growing in popularity. Not only are they more convenient and more comfortable in the long run than the traditional dentures, but they also aide in preventing further bone loss which results from missing teeth over an extended period of time.

Implants are surgically attached to the mouth through the jaw bone. Individuals may choose from having an implant to replace one missing tooth to opting for a full-mouth reconstruction to replace all teeth. The full-mouth reconstruction will take months to complete, but is well worth the time invested. Whichever option is chosen, the end result is a mouth full of beautiful teeth. What a way to restore our valuable appearance.

Obviously, a person must have good bone structure in his or her jaw for the implants to properly attach. Unfortunately, some people have too much bone loss. Through bone graphs, the bone structure can be restored allowing successful attachment of the implants. Of course this would add to the dental reconstruction process; however, it provides an opportunity for people with bone loss to still have a full mouth of beautiful teeth. Furthermore, it would prevent additional bone deterioration within the gums.

If necessary, Beverly Hills cosmetic dental surgery practices are also equipped to perform orthognathic surgery. This type of oral surgery is needed for individuals whose jaw bones may not align properly. The misalignment causes problems chewing and speaking. In addition, it creates an awkward and uncomfortable facial structure. Orthognathic surgery corrects these problems.

Another type of dental surgery includes wisdom teeth extraction. Though not as extensive as the previous surgeries mentioned, the removal of wisdom teeth, especially if impacted, requires surgical procedure nevertheless.

Wisdom teeth may not cause quite as much damage to the appearance as a misaligned jaw, missing or rotten teeth; however, they present their share of problems as well. They can be very uncomfortable causing excruciatingly painful toothaches. They may also create crowding in the mouth causing the teeth to shift and become crooked, which is not a pretty site. Studies also show that wisdom teeth enhance gum disease. Dentists therefore recommend that they be removed.

Oral surgery definitely presents a successful solution for overcoming dental challenges to acquire and/or maintain an attractive appearance. Having a healthy mouth full of straight, pretty teeth makes a tremendous difference in an individual’s looks. It improves self-confidence. It kills shame allowing that gorgeous smile to shine brightly.

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