Cone Beam CT Machine

The ability to receive dental implants in one day is a remarkable achievement. The standard procedure spans months of time with multiple office visits. However, Dr. Maddahi's Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry office is all about customer service. They have purchased the latest technology in imaging equipment, the cone beam CT (computed tomography) machine. With the use of this three dimensional imaging system, not only can you receive same day dental implants, but you do so with less pain, no incisions in the gums and a speedier recovery! Using the cone beam machine reduces chair time as well as the number of visits. It is safer for the patient as it uses 98% less radiation and targets a smaller area of the jaw. Same day dental implants can be obtained at a cost comparable to the lengthier process.

The cone beam CT machine is a type of CT machine that is capable of taking three dimensional images, or 3D X-rays. When used preoperatively, it allows the surgeon to locate vital internal structures such as sinuses, nerves and even bone density, thus avoiding complications. When placing the implant using the images as a surgical guide, none of these internal structures are affected. The cone beam CT machine, called the cone beam because of the cone-shaped X-ray beam, revolves around the head similar to a panoramic X-ray machine. This allows the machine to take detailed images of height and width of the jaw area, like a regular X-ray machine, but adds depth to allow for a 3D perspective. There is no distortion of the image as there is with panoramic X-rays. In one revolution, the cone beam CT machine takes over 300 pictures in less than a minute. Using computer software, these multiple images are instantly converted into a three dimensional undistorted and accurate picture(s).

Using the 3D images, Dr. Maddahi prepares the surgical stent which will guide the placement of the dental implant on a model rather than surgically opening the gum and doing this on the patient. In addition, the temporary tooth is prepared ahead of time. So when you arrive at the Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentistry office, Dr. Maddahi and the implant are ready for you. The implant is placed using the stent as a guide, and the temporary tooth is put in place. All in one day!

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