Cosmetic Dentistry Beverly Hills

Cosmetic dentistry is typically in the dental profession referring to any dental work that enhances the overall characteristics and functionality of an individual's teeth. Although the American Dental Association will not view cosmetic dentistry as a specialized area in the field, there is certainly a lot more involved in the cosmetic aspect of dentistry. For reputable cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills, there are abundant resources available in that regard.

Cosmetic dentistry has a lot to do with the dentist's ability to create the perfect blend of artistry with the proper dental procedures. Not long ago, a trip to the dentist's office meant discomfort, mild pain, and anxiety, but nowadays there are painless systems in place that have supplanted those previous archaic methods. Imagine experiencing air instead of metal for drilling teeth, and imagine an elaborate computer display that avails all of the patient's personal history, possible treatment plans, and a program that teaches the patient about his or her teeth.

When looking for the best cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills, which includes tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, dental implants, guards, sensitivity testing, and standard dental checkups, Dr. Maddahi's practice provides all of these services. For fast, beautiful results that can improve one's smile, even for teeth that are white, grey and somewhere in-between, Dr. Maddahi follows the best approach to reach the desired results. The process only takes up to an hour, and the results are breathtaking. It may be useful to know that sensitivity testing is a priority at the office, and mercury and other harmful chemicals are never used—the best match will be found for each patient, through a procedure referred to as Serum Biocompatible testing, and the ideal materials will be used based on the matching test.

With some of the most state-of-the-art equipment, the procedures that once seemed involved and annoying are now peaceful and even enjoyable. For example, there are now mini-cameras that enter into the individual's mouth, which removes all of the guesswork and identifies the problem areas, as well as determines how much progress has been made thus far. In addition to the aforementioned advancements, a Waterlase MD Turbo is used, which is an extremely high tech laser for treating a host of procedures, specifically ones that involve cavities, recontouring gums, periodontal disease, and many more. By utilizing equipment such as this, far less swelling and bleeding takes place, which basically amounts to far fewer invasive procedures overall.

As far as dental implants are concerned, it is now possible to receive implants on the same day of the appointment. By utilizing Cerec dentistry in the office, onlays, inlays, and crowns in many cases can be implemented in only a few hours after an appointment is made. It is vital for every patient to maintain the proper checkups to ensure optimum dental health. Decay removes the surface and enamel of a tooth over time and can cause long lasting, more severe problems in the long run. Children and adults are asked to see a dentist about every six months, but in certain cases that criteria changes—based on the individual's overall hygiene and health of his or her mouth, teeth, and gums. For individuals that are dealing with the most caustic issues, often a full mouth reconstruction is the answer. The goal behind this procedure is to create a better relationship between the muscles, bones, gums, and teeth.

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