New Trends in Laser Dentistry

This article will present the new development of laser dentistry and its practice in Beverly Hills. Well known dentist, Kourosh Maddahi, has taken laser dentistry to unparalleled heights in the practice of modern dentistry. He has utilized several different methods in dental treatment that has proven to be more efficient and less costly for the patient.

Here are some of the areas that have been improved on. One of the most needed improvements in dental procedures has been the reduction of pain and discomfort during routine office visits. Next, lasers help in the early detection of cavities, thus reducing the need for returning to the dentist for costly fillings.

Other improvements include gum treatment for gingivitis and periodontal disease, implant surgeries, biopsies and ulcers. When laser surgery is done vs. traditional procedures, there is less chance for pain and infection. Traditional surgical tools cause more discomfort and increase the length of time spent during the procedure. Keep in mind that anesthesia is used with traditional surgical methods, thus increasing the cost of dental work. Given the fact that lasers are relatively new in dental work and may currently cost more, once established by the dental community and given enough time, these costs will be minimized. In addition to reducing surgical costs, laser surgery can also reduce the need for repeated office visits since the surgical procedures with laser methods are more efficient. Reduced visits to the office save money for the patient.

There are further developments being made in dentistry due to new laser technology. Laser teeth whitening has been a remarkable means for improving cosmetic looks. It is an easy way to whiten teeth and is less costly than buying other more expensive products that have similar results. Soft tissue surgery has found relief through laser technology. The other method of surgical tools can be painful and cause bleeding. Therefore, with lasers, the treatment of gum disease is much easier and the healing process is faster. Healing is faster because lasers reduce the spread of bacteria and this prevents infection. This is an important reason why laser methods in dentistry are long overdue.

Perhaps one of the more interesting and valuable discoveries in laser work involves the more simple processes and reasons for visiting the dentist. The main reason most people visit their dentist is for routine checkups. Now lasers are capable of removing tooth decay and cavities. The laser can also detect early cavities and eliminate them before they become a dental problem for the patient.

The more laser procedures are used by dentists, the more savings there will be for the average patient. In addition, the more often lasers are used in dental work, the more likely people will make an appointment to visit their dentist.

The most prevalent reason individuals avoid going to the dentist is due to pain and discomfort they experience on routine office visits. If dentists are willing to implement more laser technology at the office and awareness in knowing lasers are being used by the profession, more people will seek dental treatment and care in general.

The initial work and dedication of professionals like Dr. Maddahi in Beverly Hills, have produced better choices for people in this country. The ramifications of this new medical knowledge and practice can revolutionize the U.S. and the world as it applies to advances in dentistry in third world countries.

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