The Top 3 Sources of Facial Wrinkles A breakthrough in anti-aging has many people headed for the dental chair

Top cosmetic dentist Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, DDS wrote the book on Anti-Aging Dentistry, a revolutionary new subfield of dentistry that approaches anti-aging in the lower third of the face by correcting structural abnormalities from inside the mouth. As it’s pioneer and author, Dr. Maddahi watched the release of his book soar to the #1 spot of the Amazon best seller list as it garnered national and international press for it’s forward thinking perspective that proposes long term solutions with minimal downtime for patients.

Among the several revolutionary discoveries in Anti-Aging Dentistry was the revelation that 3 of the most sought after corrections in the cosmetic fields could be handled almost entirely with the procedures put forth in its texts.

1. Horizontal folds in the corners of the lips

This discovery was one of the most significant from the field of Anti-Aging dentistry. This fold was previously deemed irreversible by top dermatologists in the field, because could not be significantly improved by injectables or cosmetic procedures. These approaches fixated on the symptoms, not the root of the cause, which Dr. Maddahi discovered to be a collapsed bite.

"When the teeth are worn down due to grinding, or certain foods the bite starts to over close,” Dr. Maddahi explains, “Causing the mouth to form these folds in the corners of the lips. The solution is actually very simple. By opening the bite back up using porcelain veneers and crowns to get the teeth to their original length, these folds will all but vanish, and they won’t resurface, because the mouth will have the support it needs again.”

Horizontal folds in the corners of the lips

2. “Smoker Lines”

These vertical lines are usually associated with years of smoking, but Dr. Maddahi has found that there are several habits that might contribute to their formation. Years of drinking out of straws to avoid unsightly stains, or merely pursing the lips during stress can cause them to appear, and anyone who has them will tell you how difficult they are to get rid of.

“These lines have been considered some of the hardest to reduce, but Anti-Aging dentistry’s approach is unique in that it corrects these stubborn wrinkles from within. By adding varying degrees of tooth structure to the front teeth, support is created, smoothing out the lips to give them back and natural looking fullness that will last for years. Most of my patients need much less in the way of fillers after this kind of work, if they need it at all.”

Smoker lines on face

3. Smile Lines

These lines very commonly appear with age, and can very easily be reduced with Anti-Aging dentistry by simply adding tooth structure (much as is done to treat smoker lines) to the side, top teeth. This widens the arch of the mouth, which Dr. Maddahi has discovered is very often too narrow in his patients due to unnecessary orthodontic procedures. This widened arch will support the cheeks much better, greatly reducing these lines and creating the full, soft look we associate with youth.

“Veneers and crowns placed on the side teeth can create quite a dramatic affect on the overall look of the patient if done properly. It creates a softness in the cheeks, reduces these kinds of wrinkles, and gets rid of black holes in my patient’s smiles. This full, wide smile is what we see in celebrities that we love so much, and it really gives a youthful glow to those who seek it out.”

Smile lines above lips

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