Acid Producing Foods

Dr. Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
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Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

For general health: 60-70%

For therapeutic care: 90-100%

Average American diet consumes approx. 10-15% alkaline foods

agar sugar alfalfa sprouts almonds
apples apples, sour apricots
arrowroot flour artichoke, globe artichoke, Jerusalem
asparagus avocados bamboo shoots
bananas, ripe barley malt sweetener - bronners beans, dried
beets bell pepper berries
blackberries broccoli brown rice syrup
brussel sprouts cabbage cantaloupe
carrots cauliflower cayenne
celery chard leaves cherries
cherries, sour chestnuts, dry roasted coconut, fresh
corn, sweet, fresh cucumbers currants
daikon dates, dried (avoid sulphured ones) dates, fresh
egg yolks, soft cooked eggplant endive
Essene bread figs, dried (avoid sulphured ones) figs, fresh
fruit juices - no sugar added garlic ginger, fresh
gooseberry grapefruit grapes, less sweet
grapes, sour green beans, fresh green peas
guavas herbs, leafy green honey, raw
horseradish kale kelp, karengo
kiwi kohlrabi kudzu root
leeks lemons lettuce, leafy green
lettuce, pale green Lima beans, dried Lima beans, green
limes mango mayonnaise, homemade
melons milk, raw goat millet
miso mushrooms muskmelons
nectarines okra olives, ripe
onions oranges papaya
parsley parsnips passion fruit
peaches, less sweet peaches, sweet pears
pears, less sweet pears, sweet peas, fresh, sweet
peas, less sweet persimmon pickles, homemade
pineapple pumpkin, less sweet pumpkin, sweet
quinoa radish raisins
raspberry rhubarb rutabaga
sapote sauerkraut sea salt, vegetable
seaweeds sesame seeds, whole soy beans dry
soy cheese soy milk spices
spinach, raw sprouted grains squash
strawberry tamari tangerine
taro tempeh tofu
tomato, less sweet tomato, sweet turnip
umeboshi plum vegetable juices - check content vinegar, apple cider
vinegar, sweet brown rice water chestnuts watercress
watermelon yeast, nutritional flakes  

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